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What to do if your car breaks down

Late at night or early in the morning, city or countryside, winter or summer, a broken down car can happen at any time—and anywhere. If you’re wondering what to do if ever your own vehicle has unexpected trouble, read on for some tips from the experts at Auto Value.


Turn on your hazards

If your car is no longer responding to your commands or starts to make a worrisome sound, turn on your hazard lights. This will signal to other motorists that you’re having trouble, allowing them to adjust their driving and speed accordingly to keep everyone safe.

Pull over to the side of the road

If you’re able to distance yourself from traffic, carefully do so without delay. Pull over as far to the right of the road as you can, whether you’re in a tunnel, on a bridge, on a rural street or on the highway.

Stay in a safe location

If your car breaks down in a place where the risk of collisions is high, exit your vehicle on the passenger side and make your way to the right-hand side of the road. If your car is pulled over and isn’t impeding the surrounding traffic, stay inside the vehicle until help arrives.

Make yourself visible

In addition to turning on your hazards, signal that you need help, for example by opening the hood of your car and tying a colourful garment to your radio antenna. If you have emergency flares, place a few behind your vehicle.

Call a tow truck

If you have your phone with you, call a tow truck or your roadside assistance service. No phone? Flag down other motorists; someone is sure to stop to help you out before long. Once the tow truck arrives, your car will be taken to a garage (either the closest to the scene of the incident or one of your choosing, depending on your roadside assistance service’s policy).


Auto Value’s experienced mechanics can inspect and repair your vehicle to help keep breakdowns at bay. To minimize your car’s risk of breaking down, make an appointment at the Certified Service Center nearest you today. And be sure to find out more about Safe Route, our highly advantageous roadside assistance program!


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