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Car safety for children of all ages

Your child is the apple of your eye. That’s why you bought a car known for its reliability the minute you got a positive pregnancy test! But protecting your child while you travel from point A to point B requires more than a well-maintained car and an appropriate car seat. The team at Auto Value has selected a few tips to help you optimize your children’s safety, whether they’re infants, toddlers or teens.


First things first: use the right car seat and fasten it properly

Always use a quality car seat that’s suitable for your child’s age, height and weight, and install it with care. To help guide your choice, follow our 3 tips for purchasing a car seat for a baby or child. To find out how to perfectly fasten in your child, have a look at these resources on the Government of Canada’s website.


4 behaviours to avoid when a child is in the car

Lots of well-intentioned—but ill-informed—parents make certain mistakes that jeopardize their child’s safety. Here are four common habits to banish right away:

1. Not tightening the car seat’s harness enough: in the event of a collision or sudden stop, your child would risk injuries much more severe than if he or she had been solidly strapped in. As a rule of thumb, you should only be able to fit a single finger between the child’s body and the straps.

2. Putting a child in the front seat: unless every other seat in the vehicle is occupied, kids under the age of 12 should never be allowed to sit in the passenger’s seat. If you have no other option, be sure to deactivate the passenger airbag. It’s true: this safety feature does more harm than good to children in the event of a crash.

3. Letting a little one eat or drink in the car: if he or she chokes—which happens frequently to kids under 4—you wouldn’t be able to help fast enough.

4. Not making sure your older child’s or teen’s seatbelt is fastened: whether by distraction or carelessness, many teens and preteens forgo their seatbelt. In the name of their safety, get in the habit of doing a quick seatbelt check before you start your engine.


Your children’s car safety starts with a well-maintained vehicle

Auto Value offers flawless inspection, maintenance and repair services. Trust our experienced mechanics—call us today for an appointment!


Service is the difference. We get it.

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