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What are the advantages of getting a separate set of rims for your winter tires?

It’s almost time to get your winter tires put on, and you probably want to ensure they’re as safe as possible and in prime condition. At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, we know how to install your winter tires so that you get the most out of them. Check out one of our top tips: getting a separate set of rims for your winter tires.

Get quick, cost-effective tire changes

When your tires are changed in the fall and spring, your mechanic has to transfer them onto rims. Having separate rims for your summer and winter tires makes things easier for your mechanic, allowing you to save time and money.Moreover, some spare tires are difficult to remove. With separate rims, your mechanic won’t have to charge you for this time-consuming task. So while additional rims may cost a few hundred dollars depending on the material (with alloy being the priciest), this will prove a wise investment in the long run.

Protect your summer wheels against the ravages of winter

Road and weather conditions during winter can cause considerable damage to rims. De-icing salts are particularly problematic and can cause premature wear. If you have two sets of rims, you can use your first-rate ones in summer and reserve your less flashy, but equally effective, rims for winter.

Extend the lifespan of your tires

Another major advantage of buying a second set of rims is that your tires will be handled less frequently, resulting in an increased lifespan. In sum, there are many good reasons to get extra rims.Additionally, you may have heard of universal rims, which are marketed as being suitable for any type of vehicle. At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, we don’t recommend these rims, as they don’t provide an optimal fit and can cause unpleasant vibrations. When choosing rims, your best bet is to trust the advice of your car manufacturer or another auto expert.For quality winter tires and rims, make an appointment at an Auto Value Certified Service Center.Service is the difference. We get it!

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