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Extend the life of your car with regular maintenance!

Whether it’s brand new or on its last legs, your car has one essential role to play: to get you from point A to point B safely. At Auto Value, we’re very familiar with the bad habits of car owners as well as the advantages of regular car maintenance. Do you want to extend the life of your car? Keep reading!


Prevent premature aging of your car: behaviours to avoid

Keeping your vehicle in good condition requires a certain amount of discipline. If, for some strange reason, you wanted to accelerate its decline, all you’d have to do is follow the tips below:

– Treat cracks in your windshield and scratches in the paint like decorations
– At all costs, avoid making an appointment at a certified garage for a preventive inspection—“what you don’t know can’t hurt you!”
– Brake, turn and accelerate abruptly as much as possible
– Leave the maximum amount of time between oil changes (every two or three years, or longer)
– Smoke freely inside the car (or, leave leftover food in the backseat for months)
– Avoid carwashes like the plague (rain cleans cars naturally, right?)
– Blatantly ignore suspicious sounds (if necessary, turn up the volume on the radio to mask them)
– Patch up broken components with whatever’s available (long live duct tape!)

Do these examples seem exaggerated? They’re actually based on real situations that happen more frequently than you think. At Auto Value, we know that neglected cars are not only dangerous but also very costly in terms of repairs. Before you find yourself with a nasty bill or a one-way ticket to the car cemetery (the scrapyard), think of all the undeniable benefits that come with regular car maintenance.


Extending the longevity of a vehicle: the advantages of getting professional advice

Here are five excellent reasons to regularly take your vehicle to see a mechanic.

1. Your driving experience will remain trouble-free as time passes (fluid turns, no annoying sounds, etc.)
2. You’ll lessen the risks of paying for major repairs (little glitches are taken care of before they can become serious problems)
3. You’ll greatly reduce the risks of breakdowns and accidents caused by defective parts
4. The replacement parts and fluids used will be compatible with your car
5. A car that is well maintained is much easier to sell


Our mission: to extend your car’s life

At Auto Value, we’re proud to help our loyal clients enjoy their car for many years to come. To benefit from our excellent service, make an appointment today at one of our certified Service Centres!


Service is the difference. We get it.

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