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Expert tips for winter vehicle storage

It’s that time of year again: with winter just around the corner, owners of convertibles, sports cars, vintage cars and luxury cars need to stow away their ride for the season. In this article, the team at Auto Value shares the essential steps for winter vehicle storage. To ensure a smooth transition back onto the road next spring, keep reading!


  1. Clean the car from top to bottom

A thorough cleaning of your car, inside and out, is essential. When cleaning the interior, use a vacuum to clean the floor and seats. Pay special attention to the seams and edges of the upholstery or leather, which frequently conceal a collection of crumbs. If you don’t, you could be met with some unpleasant and possibly eradicable odours when you hop back into your car next spring.

For a full cleaning of the seats, use an upholstery cleaner, or, if your car has leather seats, leather cleaner followed by a leather care product. Finally, make sure you allow both the inside and outside of your vehicle to dry out entirely when you put it into storage before winter: moisture equals mold and/or rust.


  1. Fill and replace fluids

Filling your gas tank to at least 3/4 of a tank is recommended, as this helps to prevent condensation. Also check your car’s levels of antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. As for the motor oil and oil filter, they too must be changed and you should let your engine run for several minutes to let the oil circulate (fresh oil guards against corrosion during winter). Lastly, it’s a good idea to lubricate all the doors, hinges and weather stripping with a silicone-based spray or paste.


  1. Store your vehicle

To guard against deflating tires and the various problems this causes, park your car on wood boards. This provides an insulating effect that protects the rubber from hardening too much. For optimal engine care, after letting your motor cool down completely (overnight, for instance), start your car for a few seconds, such that the oil is able to lubricate the engine parts. Next, take out the battery and store it in a dry area. Then, to wrap up (literally), cover your car with a quality cover, especially if the storage area is dirty or dusty.


Auto Value gets your vehicle ready for winter storage

To provide your car with what it needs to face the long and frigid winter, make an appointment at one of our certified service centres. Our mechanics will attend to your car thoroughly and meticulously, as if it were their own. At Auto Value, it’s customer satisfaction that drives us. Contact us today!


Service is the difference. We get it!

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