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6 Tips to prevent rust from forming on your car

A sign of negligence or age, rust eats way not just at your vehicle but also its resale value. And it’s more than just an eyesore: rust can damage your vehicle’s parts and thereby potentially endanger you. Fortunately, our experts in rust-proofing at Auto Value have a number of excellent tips for rust prevention. We’re pleased to share them with you in this article.


Why do cars rust?

Rust appears on a vehicle when metal becomes stripped and exposed to moisture. It’s therefore mainly in places where the paint is cracked, flaking or scratched that rusting occurs. To protect the body of your car against materials that can damage it—and to therefore prevent rust from developing—follow these recommendations.

1. Keep your distance from other vehicles: vehicles you’re following can kick up debris such as pebbles or road salt that damages your vehicle. Leave a bit of extra distance.

2. Drive slower: the faster your vehicle is going, the more forcefully debris hits it. So, easy on the gas.

3. Install exterior protection accessories: mudflaps, grille guards and transparent plastic protector strips are never a bad idea.

4. Wash your vehicle regularly: frequent and gentle washing will clean away any impurities that might damage the car body. Applying a quality wax treatment is important too.

5. Have your vehicle rustproofed: this helps protect your vehicle’s parts from the salt used on the roads in winter. In Quebec, this isn’t merely a precautionary measure.

6. Get an electronic rust protection system: also called an electronic rust inhibitor, this device prevents rust from forming by sending a weak electric current through the metal in your vehicle.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to prevent rust from showing up on your car. To sum up: adapt your driving techniques, keep your car clean, have the proper accessories and bring your car to a garage for regular rust-proofing treatments.


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