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Drivers and passengers should break these bad habits

Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, some in-car habits can be more harmful than you think. The Certified Auto Value Service Center team has put together a list of bad habits that can compromise the safety of everyone on the road.

Don’t drive distracted

Being a careless driver can have fatal consequences. In fact, distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents in Canada. That’s why it’s important to always stay focused on the road and keep an eye on your surroundings. It’s also a good idea to check in with yourself and make sure you haven’t developed any of the following bad habits when driving:

– Listening to loud music (you should be able to hear horns and sirens)

– Smoking

– Eating or drinking

– Programming your GPS

– Watching videos

– Texting

– Putting on makeup or doing your hair

Knowing what’s likely to distract you when you’re behind the wheel will help ensure you stay focused on the road and avoid getting into a collision.

Don’t drive under the influence

If you’re impaired by drugs, alcohol, medication, a lack of sleep or strong emotions, you shouldn’t get behind the wheel. Driving while impaired can dramatically increase your risk of getting in an accident.

Be courteous

In Quebec, rude and aggressive drivers are seemingly everywhere. That’s why it’s important to be mindful that the following behaviours can be irritating and even dangerous:

– Cutting off other vehicles

– Stopping in the middle of a crosswalk

– Driving too close to cyclists and pedestrians

– Honking your horn for no reason

– Not yielding the right of way

– Tailgating

– Not using your turn signals

Anyone can make a mistake and unintentionally upset other road users. If you accidentally do something wrong, it’s a good idea to wave an apology.

Be a good passenger

Whether you’re sitting in the front or back seat, your behaviour can negatively affect the driver and compromise the safety of everyone on the road. The bottom line? Don’t distract the driver by annoying them, startling them, bombarding them with questions or touching them. Instead, help them navigate by being a good co-pilot. Lastly, make sure you’re sitting upright with your seatbelt fastened — resting your feet on the dashboard is a big no-no.

The Certified Auto Value Service Center team cares about your safety. If you want to drive with confidence, visit your nearest location to get your vehicle inspected or repaired.

Service is the difference. We get it!

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