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4 signs that it’s time to replace your car’s brakes

There’s no getting around it: for a vehicle to be safe, its brakes need to be in excellent condition. The team at Auto Value would like to raise awareness about the importance of paying special attention to your braking system—which includes the brake pads, disks and fluid—for peace of mind on the road. Read on to discover four clues that it’s time to replace your brake’s worn-out components.


1. Mileage

Depending on the model, it’s generally recommended to change a car’s brakes after a certain number of kilometres driven (e.g. 60,000 km). However, you shouldn’t blindly trust the manufacturer’s recommendation, as brakes tend to wear out more or less rapidly according to the type of roads travelled, such as:

– City roads

– Highways

– Steep roads

Driving in the city or in mountainous terrain, for example, will inevitably be more demanding for your brakes than smooth, uninterrupted highway driving. Bottom line: don’t wait until you’ve reached the suggested mileage to check if your brake disks or pads are worn out. Have them inspected by a qualified Auto Value mechanic to find out exactly what shape they’re in.

2. Abnormal pedal vibration

You shouldn’t feel any sort of vibration when you depress the brake pedal. This is a sign that one or more of your brake’s components are deformed or poorly adjusted. Having them replaced should be a priority.

3. Abnormal pedal depression

Do you need to press down on your brake pedal further than usual to bring your vehicle to a full stop? Be careful! It’s probably time to replace your brake oil, which oxidizes over time, or change the worn-out brake pads.

4. Metallic braking sound

Do your brakes screech even when you come to a smooth stop? This unpleasant situation requires prompt investigation by a mechanic. Those annoying sounds that keep drawing attention to your car probably mean that your brake pads are worn out. Have them replaced immediately for a safer—and quieter!—drive.


Auto Value maintains and replaces all types of car brakes

Do your brakes need replacing? Make an appointment at one of our Certified Service Centers. The experienced staff at Auto Value will bring your car back to prime condition, guaranteed.


Service is the difference. We get it.

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