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Car maintenance: the 10 commandments of spring cleaning

The trees are getting greener and migratory birds are back in town. There’s no doubt about it: the season of spring cleaning is upon us! Here at Auto Value, we know that regular maintenance is the best gift you can give your car. Here are our 10 commandments to fully enjoy the sunny season on the road.


1. You shall clean your car’s exterior

Between salt, sand and mud buildup, winter driving can do quite a number on your car. Auto maintenance starts with a thorough cleansing, so take advantage of the next cloudy day (avoid full sun) to remove dirt and debris from your car’s exterior using a washing glove and soapy water (be sure to choose a non-abrasive soap designed for the task). Rinse well, wipe down the body and then buff it with a chamois to make it sparkle. Even better: take a trip to the car wash and have protective wax applied while you’re there.


2. You shall not forget your car’s interior

Carpets, seats, dashboard and windows should be thoroughly cleaned. Get rid of grime with the appropriate cleaning products, or sit back and let the pros take care of the dirty work for a squeaky-clean interior without the hassle.


3. You shall change your tires

No matter how tempting it might be to keep your winter tires on year-round, no amount of money saved is worth the risk. Indeed, snow tires are designed for ice-cold conditions and quickly lose their traction when temperatures start to rise. Need new summer tires? Ask one of our experts for advice.


4. You shall check the pressure of your tires

Driving on tires that aren’t sufficiently inflated not only leads to premature wear, but also increased fuel consumption. That should convince you to include a tire pressure check on your list of spring car maintenance to-dos!


5. You shall honour thy wheel’s proper alignment

Similarly, misaligned wheels (thanks, potholes!) also result in premature tire wear and increased fuel consumption—not to mention make it difficult to drive in a straight line.


6. You shall remember your fluid levels and keep them topped up

When it comes to changing your car’s engine oil, adhere religiously to the manufacturer’s instructions. Your spring car maintenance is also the perfect time to have all fluid levels checked and topped up if needed (washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid, steering).


7. You shall examine your filters

Have your car’s air and cabin filter checked—we’re ready to bet that they’re a tad dirty, to say the least!


8. You shall not neglect your transmission belt

Have your transmission belt checked, and replace it ASAP if you notice any signs of wear.


9. You shall not leave your trunk filled in vain

Time to put away those shovels, scrapers, ski boots and other remnants of the cold season.


10. You shall perform preventive maintenance

At Auto Value, we offer our clients complete preventive car maintenance services. Book an appointment at one of our Certified Service Centers and treat your car to the highest quality care!


Service is the difference. We get it!

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