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Since 2008, winter tires are mandatory in Quebec from December 15 to March 15 inclusive. This new legislation, designed to ensure the safety of all drivers during the cold season, unfortunately seems to encourage others to conserve their winter tires during the summer to save money. Did you know that such a decision could cost you more money in the long run and even risk your safety and the safety of others?

A winter tire is made with “thermo-gums”. That kind of gum retain its elasticity when the mercury falls below 7 ° C to ensure a better grip on the icy roads. However, the rubber used for winter tires is not effective when exposed to heat, which greatly increases the risk of bursting, which can lead to a loss of control of the vehicle.

During hot summer days, the rubber of a winter tire disintegrates much faster, causing wear markers to appear rapidly. The rubber will become too soft, your crampons will soften and your vehicle would waltz if you had to perform an abrupt maneuver.

In short, if your winter tires are at the end of their life and you decide to keep them in the summer to save money, aquaplaning will become a major risk at every rainstorm for you! Indeed, the sole of the winter tires on a wet pavement does not evacuate the water as effectively.

A multitude of tests made it possible to establish that the braking distance of a winter tire versus the one of a summer tire during the summer season was much higher! The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) in Quebec has revealed that winter tires require an average of 10% more distance than summer tires to immobilize a vehicle during the warm season and over 25% on a wet surface!

It is also important to mention that these tests were conducted at an outside temperature of 20 ºC with new tires. The distances would be even greater during warmer weather with used tires.

There is simply no good reason to keep your winter tires all year round. If you have new tires, you would use them too quickly and have to buy new ones faster. If the tires are used, you risk your road safety and that of others.

You cannot wait to change your winter boots for your new running shoes once summer arrives? Do not deprive your vehicle of that same joy!

Still not convinced? The noise of winter tires on summer roads is infernal. Give yourself a break!

Think about it,

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