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Before buying a used car, be sure to get an inspection!

Buying a used car tends to be a lengthy process. You shop around for a few weeks, diligently scanning classified ads, bulletin boards, websites and dealerships, looking for that diamond in the rough. Then one day—poof!—it appears: the car that meets all your criteria. It’s the right brand, model, year, colour and even price. You want to instantly claim your prize. But as excited as you may be about your “great find,” there remains an important precursory step: getting a mechanical inspection before purchase. We at Auto Value have heard all the horror stories and can assure you that this measure is indispensible. Read this article to learn precisely why.


Trusting your eyes and ears isn’t enough

Sometimes the car you want to buy seems be in good shape: it doesn’t have rust, there are no unusual sounds or vibrations while driving it, and it looks and smells almost new. Even in such a case, you shouldn’t leap to conclusions. Just because a car appears to be in good shape, this doesn’t mean it actually is. You won’t know for sure what state the car is really in until you get an experienced mechanic to inspect what’s under the hood.


Inspection reports give you negotiating power

Whether it’s a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, we all hate getting ripped off. A detailed inspection report, signed by a professional, can serve as a bargaining chip. Any issues with the car, however minor, might justify a reduction in the price. And if the report reveals a mechanical catastrophe? Well, then you just dodged a bullet.


Inspections from garages like Auto Value provide a quality guarantee

Sure, you could ask your brother-in-law, who’s watched auto repair videos on YouTube, to inspect the car. Although a trade payment of a home-cooked meal and a six-pack might seem like a bargain, you’d be taking a risk. Your brother-in-law might not be the “pro” he sees himself as, and—an equally important consideration—you won’t be given any guarantee. So if you discover an issue with the used car after buying it, all you can do is begrudgingly pay for the repairs. For a thorough inspection that complies with industry standards to the letter, choose a professional garage, like one of Auto Value’s Certified Service Centers.


Auto Value’s got your back

Inspecting used cars pre-purchase is one of many services we offer at Auto Value. If you think you’ve found your new ride, come get it inspected by one of our mechanics. You’ll be glad you did!


Service is the difference. We get it!

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