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Battery problems: what you need to know about boosters and chargers

What could be more unpleasant than realizing that your car battery is dead on a cold winter morning? In this scenario, you may have no choice but to either find a good Samaritan who will come to your rescue or contact a roadside assistance service such as SafeRoute offered by Auto Value Certified Service Centers. Luckily, there are some handy devices that can help you recharge your battery. Read on to learn more about boosters and chargers.


The booster: for a powerful start

The booster, sometimes called a jump starter, is a power pack designed to quickly get a car with a discharged battery up and running. It’s used to distribute power almost instantly, allowing you to start a car engine in the blink of an eye.

Compared to jumper cables, a booster has many advantages. It’s portable and doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can use it anywhere. Additionally, you won’t need another motorist to come to your rescue.

However, a booster won’t recharge your battery: as soon as the car is started, the alternator takes over to recharge it while you drive. Keep in mind that you’ll need to charge the device by before placing it it in the trunk of your car.

You’ll find a range of booster chargers on the market with various characteristics and power ratings. Talk to an expert to ensure you make the right choice.


The charger: for smooth recharging

Unlike a booster, a battery charger is designed to perform a slow, full, low-power recharge. This device must be chosen carefully. In particular, the amperage and voltage must be taken into account to avoid damaging the car’s electrical system.

There are many types of chargers, including smart models that are automatically controlled and will stop charging once the battery is at its maximum capacity. Other products may include a function that prevents sulfation of the plates, a system to prevent overheating or an ability to analyze the condition of the battery. To find a model that’s compatible with your car battery, talk to a professional.

To get an accurate picture of your battery’s condition, make an appointment at your nearest Auto Value Certified Service Center.


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