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5 common causes of noisy brakes

Have your brakes started to squeak, screech or rumble? These unpleasant noises generally point to specific issues with your brake system. At Auto Value Certified Service Centers, we recommend that you visit a qualified mechanic right away if you hear unusual sounds when using your brakes. Remember it’s extremely dangerous to drive with a faulty brake system. Your mechanic will use his or her expertise to identify the source of the problem and make the needed repairs so that you can feel safe on the road. Here are five common causes of noisy brakes.1. A buildup of dustA buildup of dust and debris on the brake pads can cause screeching and interfere with the action of the pistons. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to clean the brake pads with a specialized product. 2. Brake pad or disc wearWhen brake pads start to wear down, the calipers can rub against the brake discs and scratch them, producing a squeaking sound. When brake pads become overly worn, they need to be replaced immediately.3. Misaligned pads and discsScreeching sounds when braking can also indicate that the brake pads and discs are misaligned, thereby resulting in imperfect contact. To resolve this problem, the edges of the two components can be filed so they make fluid contact with one another.4. Vitrified brake padsIn some cases, noisy brakes are the result of vitrification. This process affects the surface of the brake pads. They become hard and smooth after being exposed to high temperatures, which makes the brakes pads slip on the discs rather than stick to them. This increases your car’s needed braking distance. 5. Components are a poor fitIf the brake pads aren’t fitted to the calipers, they’ll move around and wear out prematurely. In addition, if brake parts are undersized in relation to your car, the brake pads or calipers may jostle around and make a clicking sound. This is why it’s important to always install parts that are the correct size for your car.Finally, keep in mind that even if your brakes are quiet, they may still need to be repaired. To be sure that your brakes are in top shape, make an appointment at your Auto Value Certified Service Center.Service is the difference. We get it!

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