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5 tips for a successful spring cleaning of your car

Even if you did your utmost to keep your car clean during the winter, it’s unavoidable that by spring it will have collected its fair share of dirt, mud, gravel, road salt and debris. When snowstorms, slush and mucky driving conditions are fully in the rear-view, it’s time to get down to business with a thorough spring cleaning. Keep reading to get five practical tips for making your car shine for the summer, courtesy of the team at Auto Value!

  1. Gear up for the big clean

Start by being well prepared. Make sure that you have all that you need including cloths, cleaning products, garbage bags, a bucket, a sponge, a hose and the rest. Maximize your efficiency and minimize your annoyance by having everything within arm’s reach. 

  1. Empty the inside of your car and trunk

For a thorough clean, you should clear everything out of your car — booster seats, toys, boxes of Kleenex, food wrappers, rubber mats, etc. Clear out the trunk too by removing the first aid kit, jugs of wiper fluid and so on. While you’re at it, put the things you won’t need for the summer such as your scraper and shovel into storage.

  1. Make the exterior shine

It’s best not to wash your vehicle on a hot and sunny day, as the water will evaporate too quickly and leave unsightly streaks. It’s better to wait for a cloudy day or, alternatively, to park the car in a shady spot.

Apply a cleaning product to the outside of your car that will lift dirt without damaging the paint. Hose down your car with a high-pressure stream and pay particular attention to the seals around the doors. For best results, apply a protective wax once the car is completely dry.

  1. Clean the interior

To expel the dirt and debris that has built up inside your car, use a vacuum with high-power suction. You may need to do a bit of gymnastics to get at the more tough-to-reach areas, so consider doing some stretching beforehand.

Next, wipe down all the solid surfaces with a moist cloth and clean the windows with a glass cleaner or a mix of water and vinegar. If your seats are fabric, attack stains with a stain-remover. If they’re leather, clean them with the cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer.

  1. Ask for a hand

To make this cleaning job less of a chore, solicit the help of a friend. That will make for less work and also more fun. You could pay them back afterwards by helping them clean their car. 

Finally, a spring cleaning of your car isn’t complete without a vehicle inspection done by a professional. Don’t forget to make an appointment this spring with your local Auto Value Service Center.

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