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5 tips to increase the lifespan of your vehicle

 5 tips to increase the lifespan of your vehicle

Even if your car doesn’t have a ton kilometres logged, sooner or later it’s going to need repairs. At Auto Value, we want to help you extend the lifetime of your vehicle so that it stays on the road and out of the shop. Follow these five tips to keep your car running for years to come.

1. Make a habit of driving smoothly.

    Your behaviour behind the wheel has a considerable impact on your vehicle’s longevity. The key things are to avoid abrupt stops and starts, to accelerate gradually and to maintain an even pace whenever possible. To help yourself adopt smooth driving habits, you might imagine that you’re transporting a wedding cake or some other fragile and precious item!


2. Clean your car regularly.

    When your car is dirty, this can cause the body and parts of the undercarriage to wear prematurely. Hand wash your car regularly, and make sure to stick to high quality cleaning and maintenance products.


3. Don’t neglect tune-ups and oil changes.

              1. Your owner’s manual will include a maintenance schedule; to stack the odds in your favour, stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For oil changes and inspections of brakes, exhaust systems, suspension, steering and much more,

          make an appointment with your local Auto Value Certified Service Centers.

4. Take care of your tires.

        1. If your tires are over or under inflated, your car has to work extra hard. The performance of your vehicle can also be impacted by your tire alignment and balance. To extend the lifetime of your vehicle— and to reduce fuel consumption — regularly get your tires, balanced, aligned, rotated and inflated by professionals.


  1. 5. Get rustproofing treatments.
      Not only is rust an eyesore, it also damages your vehicle. What’s more, it reduces its resale value. Make sure to get regular rustproofing treatments — it’s well worth the investment.
  2. If your vehicle needs repairs, a tune-up or preventive maintenance, make an appointment at one of our Auto Value Certified Service Centers! We’re committed to optimizing your vehicle’s longevity.

    Service is the difference. We get it!

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