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3 safety tips for long-distance drives over the holidays

For many of us, the winter holidays begin with a day of driving as we set off to see family or friends in far-flung parts of Quebec or other province. Whether you’re heading off on a family ski trip in the Laurentians, meeting friends at a cottage in Outaouais or visiting relatives in Ontario, it’s important that you take steps to ensure that you and your passengers remain safe. Here are three ways to prioritize safety during a long drive, courtesy of the pros at Auto Value.


  1. Get your car serviced by a professional

Prior to your trip, get your car inspected by an experienced mechanic. He or she will  ensure that it’s running smoothly and that all parts are in good condition. This way, you won’t have to worry about problems cropping up along the way, which would surely throw a wrench into your plans. For your peace of mind, book an appointment with your local Certified Auto Value Service Center.


  1. Prepare for the unexpected with a well-stocked car

Even if your car has been tuned-up, you can still run into problems due to winter driving conditions. You may get caught in a snowstorm, encounter blocked or impassable roads or hit a patch of ice and swerve into the ditch. Make sure you have everything you need to deal with these types of problems including:

– Traction aids

– Windshield washer fluid

– Jumper cables

– Food and water

– Flares

– A flashlight

– A shovel

– De-icing salt

– A telephone and charger

– A first aid kit

– Warm clothes


  1. Take breaks so you can stretch or sleep

If you can’t cede the driver’s seat to another person during a long drive, it’s important to take regular pauses so you can stretch, walk around and have a bite to eat. This encourages blood flow and helps keep you alert.

If at any moment you start to feel tired, pull over to a safe location, such as a busy parking lot, and have a rest. This is the only way to get your energy back; neither cranking up the music, opening the windows nor drinking coffee will help you overcome fatigue.

Lastly, drive carefully: maintain a safe distance from other cars, don’t pass service vehicles and reduce your speed in hazardous or poor-visibility driving conditions and when driving at night.


The team at Auto Value wishes you a happy and safe holiday season!

Service is the difference. We get it!

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