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This winter, improve your courtesy on the road

Holding the door for someone, giving up your seat on the bus to a pregnant woman, leaving a nice tip for the cleaning staff… common courtesy puts a smile on everyone’s face. Here at Auto Value, we’re firm believers in maintaining a respectful attitude on the road. To kick off 2018 on a positive note, here’s a refresher on a few rules of courteous driving to keep in mind this winter.


Tip #1: Clear all snow and ice off of your car

Picture this: you’re late for an important meeting and you find your car covered in snow. To save some time, you decide that clearing the snow from your front and back windshields is enough to get you to your destination safe and sound. Wrong! Once you get on the road, not only will your visibility be reduced, but the snow and ice on the roof of your vehicle could fly onto another car and hinder their ability to see. It’s incredibly dangerous—and a severe lack of courtesy toward other drivers on the road.


Tip #2: Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

The car ahead of you is going far too slow for your liking and you can’t pass it? Take a deep breath and refrain from letting your impatience turn into tailgating. Always keep in mind that during the winter, because of unpredictable road conditions, it’s a good idea to leave more space between yourself and other vehicles (namely to avoid crashes caused by loss of control on slippery surfaces).


Tip #3: Don’t make life miserable for road crews

Snow plows, road salters and the like provide an essential service: keeping our roads in working order and safe. To avoid getting in the way of these crucial machines and their drivers, be sure to remain visible at all times by staying clear of their blind spots—even if it means adding a couple of extra seconds to your morning commute. Your commitment to courtesy, patience and safety on the road is key to a hitch-free winter.


Auto Value, keeping your car in prime condition all winter long

Squeaky brakes? Crooked steering wheel? No matter what issues your car might have, don’t wait until they get worse—make an appointment at one of our Certified Service Centers without delay.


Service is the difference. We get it.

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