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Tips for keeping your car cool in summer

Chances are, you know what it’s like to get into a car that’s been cooking in the sun. Indeed, climbing into a scorching hot seat is no one’s idea of fun, especially if they’re wearing a skirt or shorts. Add to the equation a sizzling steering wheel  and a blistering seat belt buckles and you could easily scald yourself. In this article, the team at Auto Value gives you some practical advice to help spare you this discomfort and keep your car cool during summer.

Try light colours for your seats

Black clothing tends to get hot in the sun, and the same goes for black and charcoal car seats. If your car has a dark-coloured interior, consider getting yourself some light-coloured seat covers or wrapping the seats in a simple white sheet. This will help moderate the temperature, not only of your seats, but also your car’s cabin.

Use window shades

If you don’t want your car to double as a sauna this summer, get yourself some car window shades. This type of accessory, which attaches to the inside of your car’s windows with hooks or suction cups, helps to block out the sun when your vehicle’s parked. In addition, they contribute to the comfort of your passengers when you’re out driving on a sunny day.

Park in the shade

If you have the opportunity to park in the shade, don’t pass it up! Trees, underground parking, garages and car canopies are all havens for your vehicle in the summer months. As an extra tip, slightly crack open your car windows when parked indoors so that the air in your car stays fresh.

Get tinted windows

In addition to increasing privacy and deterring thieves, tinting your windows keeps your car cool. However, be aware that there are strict regulations around tinting windows. Consult this article from the SAAQ to learn more. 

Stay cool as you cruise

If you’re forced to climb into a hot car, first, be sure to fully open all the windows and let the heat escape from your car’s cabin. After several minutes, close them all and switch on your car’s air-conditioning system.

Finally, here are some general tips for more comfortable summer driving:

*Wear sunglasses and a hat

*Wear breathable clothing

*Drink enough water

*Smile (after all, the sun is shining)!

To have your car’s air conditioning system inspected by an expert, schedule an appointment at your local Auto Value Certified Service Center.

Service is the difference. We get it!

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