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The Importance of Vehicle Lighting

Maximal visibility while driving is essential. Optimal lighting allows you to see and be seen, reducing the risk of accidents.

Many drivers wait until vehicle lights stop functioning before changing them, without accounting for a light’s degradation over time. A good headlight must always project a powerful beam of light on the road, allowing a driver to avoid obstacles and better handle the vehicle in the dark. Proper lighting also helps to inform other drivers of your maneuvers, preventing collisions.

To ensure the quality and safety of your lighting system:

– Replace headlights every two years, or after 40,000km of use, whichever comes first.
– Ensure that headlights emit the same colour and intensity, and that they are replaced at the same time.
– Turn off high beams for oncoming traffic.

Before every trip, ensure that your headlights are functioning properly, as well as all indicator lights. Ideally, a passenger can assist, but a reflective surface like a white wall or a window can be useful. In addition to headlights, verify your:

– Fog lamps
– Turn signals
– 4-Way signal
– Brake lights
– Reverse lights
– License plate illuminator

Remember: proper vehicle lighting is essential for safety on the road, night and day. Check your vehicle regularly!

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