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Our top 7 tips for better gas mileage

Is your car a gas-guzzler? There are a few things you can do to get better gas mileage from your vehicle, namely changing some of your driving habits. Here are Auto Value’s top 7 tips to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption, for the benefit of the environment and your wallet!  


1. Cut the engine

If you aren’t moving—whether you’re waiting for someone, stuck in traffic or caught in front of a train—turn off your car’s engine. It’s as simple as that!


2. Turn down the A/C

Using your car’s air conditioning system can raise your fuel consumption up to 15% if the A/C is cranked up all the way. This summer, brave the heat to save big!


3. Go with the flow and anticipate traffic

Slamming the brakes and flooring the gas are two surefire ways to ensure poor gas mileage. Be mindful of surrounding traffic (including cyclists and pedestrians) at all times to avoid getting caught off guard. Approaching a yellow light? You know the drill: anticipate your impending stop and gradually coast to the line.


4. Slow down and use your cruise control

Studies have shown that reducing your speed on the highway from 120 to 100 km/h can save you up to 20% on your gas bill without noticeably lengthening the duration of the trip. What’s more, using your car’s cruise control to maintain a constant speed in the fast lane also translates into gas savings (up to 20%, depending on fluctuations in speed).


5. Don’t neglect regular maintenance

Low engine oil, insufficient tire pressure and a general lack of maintenance all translate into poor gas mileage for your car. Regularly bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance by professionals like the experts at Auto Value Certified Service Centers.


6. Make your car more aerodynamic

A heavy car with lots of exterior components will consume more fuel (up to 15%) than a streamlined version of the same model. Furthermore, you can make your car more aerodynamic at high speeds by: 

  • Closing the windows
  • Removing storage racks when not in use
  • Removing all superfluous weight, including items in the trunk


7. Drive with purpose

It goes without saying that the best way to reduce your fuel consumption is by using your vehicle only when absolutely necessary. Seek alternative options like carpooling and public transportation whenever possible. When you do need your car to get to your destination, save time—and gas!—by using your GPS efficiently to find the fastest route. Innovative new features like real-time traffic monitoring will make endless detours and traffic jams a thing of the past!


Have any questions about your car’s maintenance needs? Get in touch with one of Auto Value’s Certified Service Centers today.


Service is the difference. We get it!

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